Thursday, April 14, 2011


1. The Chess Reports #126 will go out this afternoon--once the laborious proofing is done. It looks to be 23 pages with an extensive 2 page ad for chess history books--lots of details. One of my favorite books was Soltis' Soviet Chess. Extraordinary. Botvinnik's paranoia was off the charts.

2. Four have already paid for the trip to Red Wing, MN this July 29-30. I am encouraged this will be a great event. I hope you blog readers will consider it. The past couple weeks have had information on it and I will have a more detailed listing soon.

3. When things go wrong! I just checked my contact list and one of my favorite customers has gone missing! Don't know if it is the software or me. I may have deleted the wrong card, and in that case, it deletes everything connected with that gentleman. HENCE, if you suspect you aren't getting the catalogs or lists you used to get from me, let me know. I will fix this right away. It would be valuable if such contact lists kept track of the times you have received or sent emails from someone, and query with: "Hey Jack, are you sure you want to erase this dude?"

4. I've gotten positive comments from my use of Stevette in my recent ads including one from a good friend, STEVE Lamansky. Gee, what a coincidence!

5. Lasker & His Contemporaries #6 should be here soon. Make sure you have let me know you want one. $25 + $3.50 for mailing. Special rate is up this weekend. Then it's $34.95 + $3.50.

JUST a THOUGHT: Have you noticed in chess books these days, even Gambit, the "word" OK? Of course we know the word is "okay," but even the Russians are doing it. Two capital letters together, what kind of word is that (excluding, perhaps, a proper name)?

Okay now, back to work.

I am getting some more pictures up on Facebook of book and project covers. It's under Thinkers' Press, inc. maybe you will want to link into it.


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