Friday, April 8, 2011


Steve Lamansky is signing up for the Chess Soiree in Late July. Steve has been at almost everything Thinkers' Press inc. has done. He even came to celebrate at the one in July in Savannah GA, though I had to cancel the Clinic and move it a month later. Still, he and Ron Nurmi came to Savannah and we went out to dinner and had a great time while walking through downtown Savannah on the waterfront.

Why would anyone do this? Because they like the Mental Lift, the Time Out, being with Great people. Yes, they are supporters of Chessco, Thinkers' Press, and G&L CHESS, but they don't have to come. They come because it's enjoyable, fraternal and a learning experience. This soiree (meaning a party for the invited) has some new ideas and GM Alex Yermolinsky for the celebrated guest.

We also have a newcomer to our "parties," from Minnesota. A long time customer he wants to be in on the fun before moving elsewhere (out of the country).

A couple nites ago I issued an invitation to 96 people who have been supporters of these things. I asked those who got one to get in touch with me to come to another. Next week, or later, I will ask others who might like a chance at a unique chess experience (notice I did not say "most unique" which when you ponder is gilding the lily. It's unique or it isn't. BTW, who would want to gild a lily?)

This invite is also open to those who read this Blog. If you are out of the country, come like Ken MacDonald did last year (a dyed in the wool Canadian) or Martin Stafford, all the way from New Zealand. Statewise we've had people come from California, Texas, Florida, New York, Maine, Michigan, Wisconsin, Oregon and the states in between... so "you CAN make it." Sometimes I think some chess players are terrified of having a good time about a game that is supposed to be serious... well, I don't think of chess as serious at all except that it can be seriously FUN!

Am working on a Thinkers' Press catalog to send out to everyone whose email address I have, this weekend. If you don't want to be missed, write me at:

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