Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Came in this afternoon... will be shipped tomorrow along with other mail orders. This terrific book covers a lot of ground. It's a monster 614 pages, retails for $34.95, G&L CHESS: $29.75, Gold Card $26.25. Add $4 for shipping.

It includes: the King's Indian, Dutch Defense, Gruenfeld Defense, the Benoni, Benko Gambit, Budapest, the Modern Defense, 2... b6, b-pawn systems, English Defense, Black Knights Tango, Old Indian, Queen's Indian "Attempts," and Odd Ideas such as 1. d4 e5 and The Chigorin Defense.
The book is: Grandmaster Repertoire 1.d4 Volume Two by GM Boris Avrukh.

Also restocks are in of other Quality Chess products.

I am watching out for John Nunn's now book, Vol. 1, on Endings. You know some times it feels disheartening to get a book and discover your "moves" or ideas are marked is "wrongos" only to find out that perhaps you weren't nuts in the first place. One of the things about John Nunn is that he bends over backwards to give you Correct Information, especially on the endgame. So I suspect these two books as well as his recent one will become quite popular. If you remember some of the tug of wars in the recent Topalov-Anand match you will note how important the endgame is at the higher levels... I'm certain it is just as true at the lower levels... or should be.

More work is being done this evening on the White Shockers DVDs, hopefully it will be finished.

Chess Clinic #6 details have been pretty much finalized and the brochure should go out tomorrow. Just doing some last minute checking with the hotel and the various fees I will encounter.


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