Saturday, June 19, 2010


Every now and then I miss a day to post in this spot. Friday was a very hard work day, where one is keeping 4 balls in the air and still walking around the office checking on everything to make sure the technology and the inter-relatedness of everything is up to scratch.

When a DVD is encoded the process can take 8-14 hours. But before that one must create the "mapping" of chapters, photos, music (or noise) if any, and proof watching and listening until you know things by heart. That was one of the balls being juggled.

The bonuses to get people to come to the Chess Clinic may be having a desired effect as people try to figure out what is the most beneficial for them (yep, of course). I ordered 700 mailing labels Thursday (a juggle for that day) for chess people whom I have not done business with, to send out information on the Chess Clinic. Based on past experience I can "expect" a certain number to say "yes," and perhaps be primed for a "Boot Camp" in 2011.

Since I am going to limit the attendance to 50 people at Chess Clinic 6, this takes away more chairs and those who are waiting to maximize their "bonus present" may end up getting nothing because conceivably there will be no late registration or $150 cost at the door.

A friend recently asked if "winners" of one of the various drawings could choose which bonus they wanted. Sorrowfully I had to say "no" because the biggest prize is for earliest registrants. He then asked if the prize included the "entry fee" to the G/30 tournament for next year. I hadn't thought of that (I am not inveigling for maximum position and thus I overlooked this possibility). So I said "yes." He's going to wait until August (for the Black and White Shockers drawing)!??

This is why it is important to listen to customers and to answer questions--a business person can find out what they don't know but where it could be a good idea TO know. So, some more detailed explanations will be fired off, via email, with more explanations, ideas, and ooomph to bring in those from around the byways.

I did step out to have a laugh last night. I went to Borders and picked up a copy of The Official Chuck Norris Fact Book. Some good stories, art, and some funny stuff about how tough Chuck is. There are several other Chuck Norris books with no facts but such hilarious quips as: "When the boogeyman goes to sleep he looks under his bed to see if Chuck Norris is there." ANother one, "Yes Chuck Norris does iron his own shirts, while he is wearing them!" So, I do take breaks from chess. Two weeks ago, for one of the primaries in Iowa, Chuck Norris was here in town. Didn't try to shake his hand or get close to him because everyone else was so I just watched his demeanor: friendly, lean, smiling... a different day for Chuck.

Oh yes the important stuff, the Chess Clinic is being run Oct. 22-23, at the Clarion Hotel in Davenport, IA. Their number for a room reservation is: 563-391-1230.

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