Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Probably most would say, to paraphrase General McChrystal, "Bob who?"

On page 212 of my book The Chess Assassin's Business Manual I mention a partnership idea for making scalable income to whatever is your limit. Getting that book is a good start and I do have a few left at $34 which includes shipping. In it I mention you would need:
a) A rating of at least 1200;
b) A telephone;
c) A calendar or Planner;
d) An appointment to see me.

For my part, I have prepared a 4 page PDF in MS Word to be sent to you via e-mail if you would like to do the above and meet those qualifications. Plus, I want to meet you in person and I will even buy your dinner. I will also be available at the Last Chess Clinic to talk with those who might be interested. Simply put, if the two of us can agree on some basic things I will create a spreadsheet showing you the plan for success and teaching it to others (chess, that is). Two years later I got a call a couple months ago about this mention of page 212, now I am prepared to put it into action.

A terrific new book has just been published in both digital form and in the traditional printing process (that one is coming). I will have it in stock in about a week (it comes from California, so not everything in California is screwed up). It is over 500 pages and is titled Chess Words of Wisdom. This is nothing like GM Andy Soltis' recent The wisest things ever said about chess. In Mike's monster volume there is only beautiful text and thousands of paragraphs of research into tips, quips, and handy-dandy comments from all over the chess globe about chess. Especially targeted is: improvement. It's more than "think long, think wrong" though that one is covered too. No diagrams, not one game. At first, like some might be, I was slightly skeptical but I got a copy and it was more than promised. Mike has been a customer for years and I have to say, it looks like he is trying to crowd out Thinkers' Press for high-quality publishing. The book is $34.95, visually attractive (i.e., good typography), and indexed to the point of absolute usefulness. This is a book to be read, used, and enjoyed. I have consumed 160 pages so far and it is a delight.

In addition, you will find a review of this tome in this Friday's edition of The Chess Reports. If you should snap one up, I can tell you Mike will be thrilled beyond reasonable expectations. It is not available for the time being from Amazon so the knee-jerkers who react to Amazon like Pavlov's dog will have to wait a while. You'll love not just the quotes but the synthesis of improvement topics and principles.

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