Thursday, June 3, 2010


Yesterday PDFs went out to a bunch of people announcing the details of Chess Clinic 6 by IM Andrew Martin and myself (Bob Long). Ron Nurmi signed up first and so became #1. Ron has attended most of the Clinics (hurrah) and always brings conviviality and fun to any of our functions. His spirit of enjoying chess is contagious. Even though his USCF rating is below 1500 (I think) he gets tremendous enjoyment from participation. Welcome Ron.

It takes all night but the "master" for White Shockers #1 is almost completed. It will be checked over to make sure it makes sense (I hope) and then copies will be made. Ditto for #2. It's not like copying ONE DVD in your computer, there is more to it than that--lots of encoding. Then printing and then shipping. It will be good when those phases are completed. I know some of you have waited a long time.

When Chessco had autoships for British Chess Magazine, Chess Informants, and New in Chess, business was pretty good for those several-times-a-year products (except BCM). Starting over means teaching new customers the advantages of getting certain publications as they come out. Hence, I have been preparing a several pages PDF on the HUGE advantages of getting "regular" with the English version of New in Chess, esp. issues 91-94. It's funny that when one goes into more than ordinary research on subjects such as this how much one learns for themselves. In a few days the PDF will be finished and FREE upon request. Myself, I prefer buying (no, I do not get review copies, unfortunately) the hardcover version, but a softcover edition is also at hand.

Boris Gelfand, a very strong GM and player who has won very many big events probably doesn't get the credit he is due, yet in a rare show of photography in an Olms' chess book, there is a picture of him and his friend Alexander Khalifman playing or studying chess together when they were much younger. They are almost unrecognizable, esp. Gelfand. Boris is known for two things in opening theory and practice and that is the Gruenfeld Exchange Variation and the Petroff Defense. I hope to have more on those and him in the future. I don't think I have any in stock at the moment, but if you are interested let me know and I will lay in a supply. Sometimes "gems" are found in dark corners, or maybe I should write, especially dark corners.

I hope others come forward soon to sign up for the Last Chess Clinic (#6). Last night Bob Rasmussen asked why it would be the last one and I spent quite a bit of time telling him why. I'm not sure I will be going through that again, just take my word for it, it will be the last chess clinic. So if you've been "meaning" to come for years, this is your final chance. Besides the usual frivolity and fun, Andrew will be concentrating on:
attacking the King
pawn endings
chess intuition

The night before, Friday, will be a question and answer session (2 hours). Questions must be submitted in advance to me (email address is below).

Prices have finally been established:
$125 if you own a Gold Card for 2010;
$139 if you register by October 16th;
$150 otherwise.
There will be T-shirts sold at this final event.

Hope you come. There will be giveaways, gifts, and coupons.

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  1. You'll be hearing from me the next payday, Bob. The clinic will be (once again) this year's birthday gift from my wife. I get the clinic, she gets three days without me around. :)