Saturday, June 5, 2010


I was going to publish it today but it seems like most people do not look at their email seriously on the weekend... so let's wait a couple days.

Something that is still serious but just a reminder is that I signed and faxed back the contract to the Clarion Hotel on Friday and I did get the message that the desk will now accept calls to register for $74 for the "Chess Clinic." Make sure you mention that so you don't pay any higher price even if you have AAA! Hotel phone: 563-391-1230

We are starting only with a block of 10 hotel rooms for Friday and Saturday and if they fill up I will ask for more (but there is no guarantee I will get them). I checked around and this is a very good deal. I think the only one which will beat it is Motel 6 and they are a mile away.

Yesterday I mentioned a valuable Secret and I better get working on that PDF. This ONE thing will do more to improve your play than any book or DVD (unfortunately). Done the right way you will actually begin to start "understanding" those books and DVDs (fortunately!). Then the Secret really kicks in.

I remember being in the magic business and a professional magician told me, "If you want to keep something a secret, publish it!' What he meant is that the pros (because they ARE pros) will pick it up, but the regular "magicians" won't. It seems it is that way in most things.

I hope you people have a great weekend... no more news today.


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