Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Order got shorted. More will be here next week.
Also stocking Deep Rybka 4.
Here's pricing.
Deep Rybka 4 retails for $129.95 I've also seen it listed at $159.95!!)
My G&L CHESS price is $102.50. Good only through June 16th.
The Gold Card 2010 price is $97.50. Price good only through June 16th.
Add $3.00 for shipping in the USA for any and all Rybka 4 items.

Rybka 4 regular retails for $64.95. (I've seen faux retail prices at $75!!)
My G&L CHESS price is $54.95. Good only through June 16th.
My Gold Card 2010 price is $49.95. Good only through June 16th.

Rybka 4 Book. Openings stuff, new, latest stuff. Retails about $32.00. I've seen it at $40!
My G&L CHESS price and Gold Card price are the same: $24.95! Good through June 16th.

Requirements: Deep Rybka 4 OR Rybka 4 recommends: PC Intel Core 2 Quad, 2.4 Ghz, 3 Gb RAM. Windows Vista or Win 7 and a Direct X10 graphics card (or compatible) with at least 512 Mb RAM loaded onto that card. Windows Media Player 11. Activation of the program requires internet access and of course a DVD player.

If you have a "regular Vista" or XP (service pack 3) you can get by with a little less such as DirectX9 with 256 Mb RAM and Windows Media Player 9. To play, yous gots to pay.


And, Jim Perry from Texas has signed up for the Chess Clinic, #6, and also reserved his room.

I hope all of you are coming and you reserve a room quickly with the Clarion Hotel. That same weekend, a Tattoo convention will be there and those guys are MORE rabid about tattoos than people are about chess... so they will fill up. Do NOT poke around. Take a stand (but come)!

The phone number is 563-391-1230 -- tell them you are coming to the Chess Clinic. Have 7 rooms left in the "block." Don't know yet if we can get more.


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