Thursday, June 10, 2010

6+6 + THURSDAY + BONUS (FREE!) PDF (75 pages)

Six have registered so far, the latest being Dr. Julian Wan, Bob Lynch, and Lazaro Munoz (who is from NYC so "distance" as a reason for not attending is out the window). Julian is from Ann Arbor, MI and Bob is a return visitor too and he is from New Jersey. We clearly welcome newcomer to the Clinic Laz Munoz.

Six have also registered for the Clarion (where the event is [$74/nite!]). But the registrants for the hotel and the event aren't the same but they will converge as time goes on. I've asked Jessica at the Clarion for another 10 rooms. I have yet to hear back, hopefully tomorrow.

Remember a week ago I said I had "discovered" and "affirmed" a SECRET for better chess! I also said I wouldn't REVEAL it until the Chess Clinic, to the participants in a PDF style paper and presentation? Sorry, I have been asked to openly reveal it but I will not. If I did, what would be in it for me? Quid pro quo.

I will say that I have been practicing it on Thursday night with a friend and the results ARE very encouraging. I also have done a little extra research (so you won't have to) in between Thursdays. It's not real difficult and if you have a friend it's much better. If not, it still works... but if getting up to speed is what you hanker for, then a friend can help. I haven't even told the friend about the secret but he cooperates anyway. When revealed it will blow your mind, or at least 95% of those who participate. So come and join us and accelerate your growth even if you are over 60, like me, and especially people like me though as I wrote, it will work for anyone. If you are under 25 your progress will be amazing. Scary.

They go out in a few minutes and with it a FREE Bonus to SUbscribers for Semester 9.

The issue is 16 pages (to fulfill the 16-18 pages criterion), there are a few more games and another TIPs column but the Special feature is the inclusion, in a separate PDF (75 pages, letter-size), absolutely FREE to subscribers to The Chess Reports, of a true-blue opening repertoire. Strong players have played it with success and it is yours at no extra cost because Andrew and I really love our readers/subscribers. If you haven't subscribed yet just send $59.95 for 13 packed issues, AND the FREE PDF on this opening repertoire from Andrew Martin will be emailed to you. It's full of original and interesting games and you can print it out. For those who also would like to have it in a *.cbv compressed file, just ask me and I will send it to you--again FREE. If you put this into a book format it would easily be worth $20-25 these days and $35 on a CD!

Another Bonus to those who live in the USA, for your $59.95 I will also send you, again FREE, the book King's Gambit by Paul Hoffman (a $24.95 value) for any book or DVD order you place with it. If you don't have one of the G&L CHESS' catalogs, I can send you one. If you live outside the US you would need to add $10.00 for the shipping costs.

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