Friday, June 4, 2010


Find out what it is at the October 22-23 Chess Clinic.

Subject: What to do to REALLY get better? It works for 95% of us. Guaranteed. No joke and no funny business.

I "discovered" it yesterday while in a bookstore. It turns out I already knew it, but now I had scientific research to prove it. And, it's not that hard and it is fun.

But I can't reveal it here, I want you to hear my mini-lecture on the subject this fall at Chess Clinic 6. I will deliver a white paper on this. I know Andrew agrees with me on this because in one of the DVDs I am working on, he mentions it without realizing it!

I signed hotel contract papers today. Hopefully the Clarion will have the "Chess Clinic" stored in their reservation computers (I am getting questions!). Please don't dink around. I have 10 rooms set aside for Friday and Saturday night. There is another convention there at the Clarion that weekend and they will fill up as it is one of the bigger hotels in the Q-C area. If we need more rooms I need to know in advance. The rate of $74 is extremely reasonable these days. On the brochure I sent out I did list other place to stay.

I want you to come. I have already heard from one person who said the event looks interesting, but he can't make it, but maybe in the future (I am amazed at the # of people who already know what they will be doing in October when I don't know what I will be doing next week!). Apparently he didn't look at page one which said LAST ONE! I need a separate clinic for this type of person, a medical clinic.

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