Monday, May 31, 2010


The movies have been made. I was amazed that a lot of it has come back to me. But, I need to create a "theme" and perhaps a music intro. If I am on the ball tomorrow, it will be done Tuesday. The stuff is amazingly good. I'll tell you more about the surprise Killer Stuff once it is done.

These things always make me nervous because it seems like you can proof, you can check, etc. and there is always some concern about getting something wrong. This looks good and if everything works well, I will burn 1 of each and play them before sending out. Of course I am getting blue in the face looking and hearing them, but I WILL be trying some of these out though in advance I can't tell you which ones in case we run into each other!...LOL

Prices were published and you can check the PDF I sent out on DVDs. The deadline for great prices on the silver discs is June 16th I believe and a few have taken advantage, but not too many. I know I sold them to people on my lists, but these prices are absurdly LOW as I try to go mainstream.

Call me if you want and tell me which items you would like: 563-271-6657.

Back to the salt mines. I tried to miss my self-imposed deadline of May (recently) but because I am not much of a calendar guy, I thought May 31st was Tuesday! My todo list had 28 items on it this morning for this week. I've only gotten 5-6 done!

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