Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Hello Daily Friends!
Showers are great places for me to think. Yesterday I came up with an idea for G&L CHESS, which I am sure some others may have already implemented to a small degree, but not this way.

As some of you have discovered, every month I put out a "Tip sheet" (I include it with your orders) on ways to improve your chess, or to get a book that will improve your chess, and so on. This month I am combining a Tip sheet of 4 books (with lots of tips in them). That TIP sheet is enclosed with each order I sent out to you. Hopefully this might generate a few extra sales.

But here is the important part, the books which have been hi-lited for that month are discounted even beyond the regular G&L CHESS prices and beyond the GOLD CARD prices, almost an extra 8 percent!

So while I won't be twisting anyone's arm or credit card, if you've been looking for some top-drawer improvement, you can save some more bucks also. On top of that, this month, if you live in the USA and get all four books, the shipping is FREE--proving I am nuts.

Before 1-2 out of a 100 become unhinged at how much money I am making (I see people online decrying the pricing of Apple's electronics, all the time, when somehow it has never occurred to them that Apple is not making them buy anything--except that it looks so good they can't resist). Same here, good deals but it's other people products so basically I am solving an inventory situation rather than making $$$ (unfortunately). What happened this time, as it occasionally does, is a supplier shipped me stuff I didn't ask for with my order. I don't know if they do this on purpose or not because I am sure they are aware of what a pain it is to return products for credit, adjust for shipping, etc. Or perhaps their employees are from another galaxy. It's annoying but I can't waste minutes over it. Doesn't improve my bottom line, just solves a problem... and you will benefit. No way to run a Navy but I hope it helps you.

As to the Chess Clinic (#6), I have heard back from the hotel and details appear to be finalized. A brochure will be sent out today. I hope you'll come, Andrew and I are counting on 50, and if we get that many he will work from a platform. As I mentioned earlier there will be another convention there at the Clarion that weekend. I have to get the contract signed and then you can call in and register. I wouldn't wait long as they tell me the other convention is taking the spaces (rooms). This may sound freaky to you but Davenport, IA has long been a convention center across the United States. At one time the big Bowling Congresses were here. Across the river in Rock Island they had National Baseball events for kids (Little League). It isn't easy to plan a weekend with these or weddings, etc. (Civil War re-enactments, Bix Beiderbecke, the huge Mississippi Valley Fair) I will however list other hotels and motels, some close by. In the meantime they will be giving us a block of 10 rooms (singles and doubles are the same price I believe).

I haven't finalized a price yet, but it will be somewhere around $150 (less if you register early or use your Gold Card). In Savannah, GA it was $195 and it was easily the best Clinic of them all. This one will be my last (some have groaned and sent in regrets, thank you) but I will be selling T-shirts for it. Probably something else will take its place, but I don't know what that is yet. I will be contacting USCF members in the surrounding area so expect this to be more than the usual event. Remember, this will be Friday evening and Saturday.

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