Monday, June 21, 2010


Greg Delaney, from Menasha, WI has signed up for room and tuition at the Chess Clinic 6 Academy. Greg is a student of the game and has been to my events before. Thanks for getting on board Greg.

Let's face it, most men are not overwhelmed by Graduation Days, Weddings, Funerals, parties dominated by kids, etc. They are a lot of work to attend (usually) and except for a few pictures the memories are often fleeting. Some people have others plotting their life out in front of them with one endless procession of "shot to hell" weekends.

I have just finished three weekends in a row like that and I have one more, this coming Sunday. After that, some peace and quiet. If you don't go there are people who think you are EXACTLY what they had already thought you were (whatever that is). If you do show (maybe because you have come the farthest distance) they are amazed and happy you showed--which, unfortunately, tells them you are not exactly like what they thought you were! How do I know, they express "surprise, surprise" as if it were a Gomer Pyle show.

If chess were fish, the Clinic would be a whole 'nuther kettle. Those who come to a Chess Clinic hosted by Andrew Martin and myself remember things from them for years and not just from the weekend. If you want to take pictures that is okay too (if they are flattering!). You don't have that problem of sitting next to a relative you can't stand... these guys are cool and friendly.

The 'vent is October 22-23, 2010. The Clarion Hotel # is: 563-391-1230 and mention the Chess Clinic and you will get the lower $74 rate. Unlike many shows around the USA, we do not get any kickback from the Hotel, this is their lowest rate and half of our rooms are already taken. Most are signing up for Friday AND Saturday night. I wouldn't wait around, but then, I live here!

If you need to know more you can contact me at:

Oh yes, the prices are $125 if you own a Gold Card for 2010. $139 if you register before October 16th and $150 at the door. One CAVEAT: These prices go out of effect if we have 50 paid up registrants (that is, in advance), which is what we are attempting to accomplish. There is a BONUS drawing if you sign up before July 16th. Details in upcoming brochures.

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  1. No problem, Bob. You know I really enjoy these events. :)