Monday, June 7, 2010


This is the big news for today (one of several anyway).

The two DVDs (White Shockers) by IM Andrew Martin have been duped and printed and will be put into a 2-disc box tomorrow with wraparound jacket... and be available for shipping. Here are the details:
$49.95 Retail. DVDs dual layers should play on most modern computers, Mac and Windows (I've tried them out on G4 (running 10.4.11) and a G5 running OX 10.5.8 and Windows 7.

G&L CHESS price is: $44.95 + $4 for shipping.

GOLD CARD 2010 price is $39.95 + $4 for shipping.

If you buy both the Black Shockers and White Shockers together you will get about 9 hours of video (dual layer DVDs, 4 of them). Retail is $99.90. The G&L CHESS price is $89.90 but I will drop it to $84.95 for both + $5 for shipping IF you order by June 16th. AND, the Gold Card 2010 price for both would normally be $79.90 and I will sell them both for $74.99 + $5 for shipping if ordered by June 16th, 2010.

On the White Shockers you will see and hear (on #1): The Ruy Lopez Exchange, The Sicilian Closed Extended (wild), and Prie's 1. a3 in detail... played to win. On disc #2 you will get a way to deal with the Caro-Kann, a "new" move in the Scandianavian which will catch players off guard, the "Old Speckled Hen" which is a Santasiere idea originally but ramped up in modern GM chess by GM Mark Hebden (the name Old Speckled Hen comes from a brand of beer), and finally the Polar Bear Opening--with lots of details on how to play a Leningrad Dutch in reverse with an extra move!

This is "shocking" stuff and will make your opponents flounder unmercifully.

Second bit of news (besides the NEW iPhone 4--which looks remarkable):
Registered for Chess Clinic so far:
1. Ron Nurmi, IA
2. Steve Lamansky, IA (who changed his schedule around to be here)
and others coming I am told...

Hotel Registration (so far)
1. Greg Delaney
2. Johnny Owens (a newcomer from Kentucky)

Remember, you can call and register now and pay later: 563-391-1230 -- tell them you are coming to the Chess Clinic. $74 room rate per night. Most will take Fri and Sat. nights. Don't put this off!

Seth Godin published on his Blog today about his recent receipt of 1,000 applications for his free nano MBA program. You would have thought that would have gotten people activated right away. Wrong. Day 1 and Day 9 were second strongest. Day 10 (the last day) had most applicants coming in!! They had two weeks to respond. Then what happens? He wrote:
"I can guarantee I will hear from several (or dozens of) people with ornate, well-considered and thoughtful arguments as to why they missed the deadline. Never mind that they had two weeks... the last 15 minutes are all they are concerned with. If it's important enough to spend an hour complaining about, it's certainly important enough to spend four minutes to just do it in the first place."

I couldn't have written it better. As I've written before, "It's NOT about the cost."

I have at least ONE person who always registers at the Last Minute for everything. I said to him, "I know why you do this. You are afraid that in the interim something even better will come along and then you've already spent the money." He looked at me (I know this guy personally) like a deer caught in the headlights, and said, "You're right." It was pretty obvious to me--somehow he didn't think I would get on to him.

So I will make this guarantee right now. Register early (I do need to know HOW to set up the layout, they charge $300 for a room change! And, I need to know how much equipment I will need, and items to give away in a gift bag.). If something drastic comes up and you can't make it, and it is at least 10 days before the event, I will refund ALL of your money. That's pretty hard to beat. Time to "belly up" to the bar.

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