Saturday, June 12, 2010


My friend Sam Naylor, from Carthage, IL is my first person from Illinois to sign up for Chess Clinic #6. I've known Sam for many, many years. Sam is retired from the State's legal profession. At one time he was a pretty strong player but now he spends his time playing chess, reading, and sending me funny wisecracks about his chess ability. Welcome aboard Sam. He came to last year's clinic too.

I've heard from several about getting prospects for the Clinic to register earlier, and the ideas seemed to oppose each other (life is never easy). So I am working on some other possibilities. Those who have already registered will benefit too as I've always believed in "dancing with the one who brung ya."

Lately I have come across some very specific and very interesting information about chess players, their personalities, and examples. I've even published an exercise in The Chess Reports where chess players can try to determine what TYPE of player they are... but what I am thinking goes beyond that. Some information from IM Hans Kmoch! And of course there is the SECRET about getting better faster than any other method I can think of PLUS a few subheads that will help too. Perhaps there is something to a limited edition print run being offered to those who register early... for FREE! But not delivered until the Chess Clinic itself. These are things which would intrigue me--would they intrigue anyone else?

Other suggestions welcomed.


  1. any stuff that threatens: 'you can't have desert until you eat your peas' [even tho' i totally agree that peas are good for me and i love them], is a huge turn-off. if i DO decide to attend, it will be only in spite of such hyped coercion -- which i consider to be even worse if it is true [which it probably is not!].
    i would buy: 'you can only get the 'magic bullet' for,( say), 75% of the cost of paying to attend' and, (say), 3 - 12 months later [or, (better), 'in a semester's subscription to CR'].
    but, truth be told, i also detest those 'this offer is good only until you next have to go to the bathroom (or, 'until Tues, July 34th at 1547 p.m.)

  2. But can we have any of our puddin' if we don't eat our meat?

  3. Deadlines are set for a reason -- to avoid procrastination and doing nothing and maybe having later regrets. I am aware of this from years of experience. Besides, it separates the men from the boys. Life IS a deadline for almost everything we do or want to do. Distraction is the main "enemy" of doing.