Thursday, June 17, 2010


I am working up more DVDs to send to those who want White Shockers, and some who want to pick up the earlier edition, Black Shockers. Because SOME want only "single" discs (which I do not sell until well down the road) I can infer some things:

1) People are only looking for "shocking systems" with what they are familiar with. This is kind of crazy IF they are already familiar with Opening ABC because it is doubtful if will we be able to show them something they don't already know.

2) I suspect they order the Sicilian, for example, because they are a Sicilian Defense fan. Not a terrible idea in itself, but don't you think it would be MORE shocking to your opponent IF they knew you to NOT be a Sicilian Defense fanatic? What a SHOCKING surprise.

3) Afraid of learning new stuff. I call this the "PC High Priest Syndrome." This is the guy who has learned on PCs (DOS, OS2, Windows, Linux) for 10-15 years (or more) and just can't bring himself (women "seem" to be less likely caught in this Trap) to learn something else. Why? So much time invested in putting up with crap! He wouldn't learn Apple's OS X operating system at gunpoint. Even if its implementation is easier, more fun (when I was working on PCs my ONLY concept of fun was when I found a backup disk to restore some file that had died!) this seldom happens except when the "bulb" finally goes on and you realize life contains ONLY so many minutes.

Some of these "systems" are perfectly sound and some are "edgy." Yet, if used with care and not in every game you play, you could pick up baskets full of points here and there... what is wrong with that? Right, nothing.

Maybe the steepest learning curve is the Polar Bear Opening and that's because in reality it is a Leningrad Dutch in reverse, which you don't learn in 5 minutes.

Once again Martin has brilliantly executed these pieces of art and I invite you to pick them up (2 dual layer DVDs, about 5 hours of goodies) for $44.95 + $2 for shipping. If you own a 2010 Gold card it is $39.95 + $2 for shipping.

Tomorrow: Good News on Gold Card purchasing for 2010 for new customers!

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