Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Today I begin a few changes, some small number of corrections, adding a chapter, a big index, and a title change to CJS Purdy's most famous work (with the help of others: Anne Purdy, John Hanks, John Hammond, and Robert Jamieson).

Originally (1982) it was The Life, Games, and Writings of C.J.S. Purdy, published after his death (1979).

In the early 90s I had obtained the rights to republish Cecil's writings. In 1997 I redid the 1982 book and retitled it: The Search for Chess Perfection, named by my manuscript associate, Pat Scoville. It was one of the fastest selling books I ever had. I had also changed the descriptive notation to algebraic figurine notation. Then I used chess symbols in the text, which is quite uncommon (maybe I was the first, I do not know). This year, thousands of copies later, I received an email discourse on just how crass this idea was from a guy working for an Italian chess publisher (no comment). The guy is a little late, no one else has ever complained... nor would I change it. It's quite easy to read.

In 2006 and 2007 I made changes, corrections, added some great art by my late friend Bill Morey and added chapters on combinations from the 1982 book which I had left out. I also deleted many games which had hardly any notes, and this was seconded by Frank Hutchings, Purdy's son-in-law. They will reappear, along with others, in a book of Purdy's games (2011?)

This time I am adding "On castle walls" which for some reasons was not put into any of my Purdy books (I somehow missed it). And though few or maybe none have mentioned the lack of an index, I am going to add one even if it is only for me! Finding things would be greatly simplified for one of the greatest teaching products ever put out on chess.

The price was $39.95 and probably be available in September. AND, it will have a revised cover.


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