Saturday, March 26, 2011


Yesterday was a very busy day and I completely forgot about scanning in THE COLLECTOR and saying something about it and I can't do it today either as I have been making up a list of the individuals who have qualified for a FREE copy of the new Blackburne book, about 20 of you and ...

I've been looking at lodges, resorts, etc. in Southern Minnesota for the upcoming event (more details next week).

Dropped taxes paperwork off to accountant yesterday who didn't look overpoweringly busy. I suppose that's because it isn't April 14th. I read recently that those who file by March have greatly lowered stress levels. Works for me.

Today it looks like working on some ads, The Chess Reports, etc. Usual stuff but put in a little time with grandson and the gym. Hoping this weather warms up slightly. Isn't this nuts?

Doing more reading on Alekhine, Bled 1931, attacking chess... and hoping to get the new book on Feynman this weekend, Quantum Man, featured on Science Friday yesterday.

Sure, I am the editor and publisher of The Chess Reports and it would be great if more people subscribed. I admit, it is not New in Chess, but, I never intended it to be. My audience agrees that what TCR does, NIC doesn't--which is to inform and help the person trying to move his skill level upward and while NIC is aimed at the much stronger players, many lower ranked guys also subscribe to it (I used to). Soon all back issues of TCR will be loaded onto the web for individual purchase. Issue #125, coming up, will have a big feature on Cyrus Lakdawala's new book, a ferocious opening repertoire. It really is quite interesting and valuable, but I will give all the details in the upcoming issue along with some games from it because he says such cool things as: "The Veresov was made to play against the Dutch!" (I am paraphrasing). I will admit, I have done OK against the Dutch when I played the Veresov and all of its sibling components.

Thus, it looks like another busy Saturday. Trip to the post office, change the sheets, you know, all that time wasting stuff that is important.

PS: Will probably be thinking about Alekhine's 1931 Bled tournament too where in the first half he was blowing everyone off the board, and in the second half he was playing very risky (no doubt trying to maintain his momentum and show his superiority, all over again) and in danger of losing several games, which, he didn't!


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