Monday, March 14, 2011


Going back in Wednesday to get the right eye fixed this time. In all honesty, I had heard the term cataract surgery over the years, but, I didn't know what it meant! That happens sometimes. What the doctor does is take out your "corroded" born-wth lens and replace it with a brand new, clear one in an operation that is truly amazing (I won't go into the details here). It takes 10 minutes or less.

But, they want you to take eye drops from three different bottles at various times of the day, mortgage your house again, and get a lot of sleep. I have Medicare now, thank God for that. But that other 20%--you can't believe the pile ons! $65 for this, $270 for that, and that is for each eye. There is more, but... I need to sell more chess products.

The Latest Issue of The Chess Reports which is due out Friday will most likely go out tomorrow. And, I am going to do the same thing I did last semester for those who want a good sampling of what The Chess Reports is like:

Tell me you want 3 issues, for $15.00 and I will send the PDFs to you. While this is for semester 10, which runs issues 118-27, I have 118-124 virtually ready to send to your email box. So pick the ones you want. PayPal is fine or credit card too (sorry, no American Express). You don't know which ones to pick? I'll send you 118-119-120. A $21 value for $15.00. Lots of reading plus all the features which TCR has: reviews, annotated games, info on events, letters and many articles of commentary concerning chess. Lots of pictures, diagrams, and color.

Or if you are tired of screwing around, send $69.95 for all 10 issues... and end the guessing.


Hey, thanks!

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