Thursday, March 10, 2011


My web guy reports he has solved a big inventory problem in assigning discounts to Gold Card 2011 holders, en masse.

Now... on to other things. Some testing, mailings... etc. and then some of you will get a crack at it.

New books in 7-8 different titles, may get a list out tomorrow.

Looking for my Serial Number to make sure CB 11 is up to snuff, then I can fill you in on some other details (I have an awful lot of stuff around here to keep track of).

Expect Blackburne The Black Death in Spades any day.

I am printing out issues of The Chess Reports to keep my files up to date, make a few corrections. I am close to 2,000 pages. Hope to have an announcement about that soon.

Other things are keeping my desk looking like a mess as I try to get Chess Reports 124 out next week so I can rest after the right eye cataract surgery as it really takes it out of you.

Am sending out an "invited" questionnaire tomorrow about the Chess Soiree.

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