Tuesday, March 22, 2011


This morning I talked with artist Bill Hannan about his creations for me in 2000. I mentioned that over the years I had seen literally dozens upon dozens of t-shirts, and 95-98% of them had no graphic taste for design and were often done by those with equipment for making them but no feel for subtlety or a degree of suave. Over and over I saw such t-shirts as "Mate Me" and every variation of that. It was just too obvious. The ones made for commemorating a tournament were some of the worst.

Hannan, the designer of many successful t-shirts was loving this because I mentioned all the swirls, and lines in his artwork and his willingness to avoid using a straight edge to help capture form "au naturel" while still evincing "straight laced" characters as well as "out of control" ones such as in EGO, where the "know it all" is in a rage, and reducing his adversary to a wimpering pup. I have seen players use their rating to "kow" others into believing their malarkey. hence this one was created. I didn't have t-shirts made because those who act like this would never buy them (everyone already knows they are bozos anyway)... and the cowering kid, nobody wanted to be that, but I am sure they could be made into card to send to "former friends."

Check out the purple earring on this guy as well as the foam bubbles emanating from his mouth.

At any rate, this is the EGO dude (or, dood). Tomorrow we face THE STARE... such as Tal, or Karpov, or Kasparov, or Fischer staring at their opponent until someone blinks. What is fun is to outstare another starer! OK, I better behave myself.

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