Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Catalog went out last night with at least ONE typo in it. Prices on the Pal Benko book were almost half of what they should have been as I did a "cut and paste" price and forgot to go back and adjust. At least one fellow admitted the old "If it seems too good to be true..." phrase. But no one asked if maybe I made a mistake! That surprised me! I said 10 years ago "In the end, it's always about price, with no regard to consequences." I was told I was nuts.

I spent an hour reading more data on the controversy about Batsford and their changes to Fischer's My 60 Memorable Games which, according to historian Edward Winter, no one came clean on. Ooooh--bad for posterity. Winter found 570 substantiated changes including Ol instead of Olympiad. Fischer said there were thousands upon thousands but he was out to lunch unless he was counting EVERY instance of a change like "Ol" and even then he probably couldn't get thousands upon thousands. What led me to that article I was researching for something else.

Got cover elements today for Lasker & His Contemporaries #6 and will be working on those today also. Friend Andy Ansel gave me Isaac Linder's email address for some permissions I wanted to ask of him on an Emmanuel Schiffers article--so until I get that permission, I will have to pull that article and save it perhaps for the following issue if I should have it by then.

GM Alex Yermolinsky has written an amazing review, with even more details, of my recent work, The Critical Secret for Success at Chess and Anything Else, but he is unwilling to post it on Amazon.com because you have to register, and all that nonsense, and then be willing to be subject to emails from Amazon and "partners," which if you are a buyer, can be exasperating. It occurred to me that since I am already registered with Amazon I could post it for him but then it would look like it came from me, which it did only in terms of I got the manuscript from Alex. But I've been thinking--can I put a comment on the review pages about where they can get a COPY of this SEVEN page review? Anyone out there KNOW for sure (please, no guesses, I can do that).

The WHOLE review will be published in a newsletter for those who bought the book when I get the Newsletter ready. I have to leave out a couple parts OF the GM's review (for retrieval through the Amazon reference of where to get it) where he lets the cat out of the bag, as that is ONLY for those who bought the book, so that should be my only edit.

I probably won't be on here tomorrow as I am working like a hurricane to get some things caught up.

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  1. Bob, thats not the only pricing problem, on the same page you almost charging more to Gold Carder's than MSRP (but less the Silver Carder's :) for the Zuckertort book on the same page.

  2. "Fischer said there were thousands upon thousands but he was out to lunch"; out of something. Did he really respond from beyond the grave. I thought you said it was published after he died?

  3. Bob,
    On your website, create a download link pointing to the pdf file. You can then post a short note in Amazon.com with the download link so interested folks can get access to the review.

    Best regards,
    Andres D. Hortillosa