Thursday, March 17, 2011


The right eye surgery went very well and I am back at the keyboard.

Chess EXTRAS #5, which is 40 pages again (although my original promise was 36 pages), should be available this evening for those who have subscribed. Huge variety this time--with the emphasis that this is an art and design issue. More details tomorrow about the contents.

The Chess Reports #124 which is due out tomorrow before noon was emailed in its PDF form last Tuesday in the event I couldn't get everything done at the last minute.

Turns out the fault is mine, not the printer. When queried as to the whereabouts of Blackburne Black Death in Spades I was told the printer was waiting for approval of the "proof" copy. I don't know why they do this. I said it was not going to go through a formal proofing stage (for example, they send me a copy of the book to be re-examined) but apparently forgot to do this ONLINE (please know that now when printers have a reason for NOT being done on time it can be blamed on online answers).

And since that was almost 3 weeks ago (I submitted it in Feb.) I now have some older bills due which must be paid first, so they will get paid today. Hence I don't expect the copies to be here until late next week. I am sorry. Like I said, ultimately my fault.

Rob and I have already begun work on Alekhine the Executioner. The cover is kind of nifty. Half the contents are finished.

Permission was granted to use the Schiffers article for Lasker & His Contemporaries #6 by Vladimir Linder, so everything is falling into place. Price is $25 + $3.50 for S&H when it becomes available. After April 15th it goes to $34.95 + S&H. It looks like maybe 72-74 pages, the biggest one yet.

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