Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I just filled some back orders today. I do that you know, from time to time. I don't carry everything, but if I can get it from a regular distributor, I will. If you are a regular customer then I try even harder. Loyalty, at least with me, does have its rewards.

The other thing is the chess blow out (haha) in late July. I have one committed and several who are more than interested. One school of thought is to HIDE any objections. I don't belong to that one. For example, the price of gas has gone up a pile and yet the fuel facilities are being hammered with overabundance according to today's news. This is typical of weakneed and simple minded investors and speculators who, I would guess, mostly get it wrong. The oracle from Omaha (Warrren Buffett), had his Berkshire Hathaway invest heavily in Conoco I think it was, at the height of the fuel crisis and it bit into his Nebraskan ass BIG TIME. What's different about Buffett is he admitted he screwed the pooch on that one.

So if you are thinking of driving or flying and it might cost you an extra $30-60 to come, then you really weren't interested in the first place. I hope to be calling some lodges tomorrow. Problem is, usually when I do this the first place I contact always sounds so good I don't spend a whole lotta time on the phone. Then to get someone interesting to spend time with--as well as myself I hope. As one friend told me not too long ago, "Bob, you sure have a lot of interesting stories and experiences." I used to be able to say all kinds of neat things without fear of being recorded, but that is getting harder and harder (ask those nitwits who used to work for NPR--and I mostly love NPR). Bring recorders if you want as long as I have the right to get transcripts for something in the future (hey, ya never know). But since I have no political ambitions, I'm not too concerned with covering my behind.


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