Monday, March 28, 2011


Still proofing and it's a good thing. Finding niggling little errors. Probably won't find them all, but found more than I wanted to!

Finish up back cover and should send it off Wednesday or Tuesday evening. Then on to this Friday's THE CHESS REPORTS and finish that.

Also, have been looking at places to stay for the end of July Chess Event. Have a list of people to call. The BEST places (i.e., lodges and so on) are in Northern Minnesota. Not cheap, but really cool. Less access to airports of import. They charge a ton in winter and another ton in Summer--must be something messed up about that picture. Anyway, looking for places in Southern Minnesota that are business or meeting oriented. Lots of emphasis, it seems, is on family (i.e., kids) fun and fishing, skiing, polar bear annihilation (kidding), and throwing snowballs or is it snowmobiles? How about just ATMOSPHERE and SCENERY? Can we live with that? And great breakfasts? And a large hall with fireplace in the evening? Of course, but not easy to find.

Mr friend Bobbie in Tulsa is helping me look. Thanks Bobbie.

Let ya know later... no pic of THE COLLECTOR for today; too many irons in the fire.

Am picking up some CAISSA EDITIONS books in hardcover, so stay tuned. Mint.

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