Thursday, March 3, 2011


In a couple weeks the right eye will be worked on. All went well but it almost made me stir-crazy behaving myself yesterday.

Tonight, I will be working on a catalog of "small press" outfits that do chess books. Every now and then something good arises and you'll be shown what's there and for you to decide. The price discounts will be generous until items are gone.

In the meantime there will be a strong emphasis on new products and reprints from Thinkers' Press, inc. including reprints and the web site. I am at a point on the web site where I have to do a lot of work "adding" in things because "most importing" schemes can only go so far. In years past the web site did bring me new customers. Now I rely on email and it seems that some people are so distrustful of email that they won't do it, yet my companies have never had a problem. In many ways, email service has been more personal and faster as I have two machines open at the same time with a separate "eye" on each one!

In the meantime there will also be work done on George Gossip's Modern Chess Brilliancies, with the co-author Mr. X. No matter what you have read before, you won't be prepared for this. A title such as MCB also points out the flaw of using the word "modern," even as happened with Larry Evans' Modern Chess Brilliancies. On the other hand, if you put beneath it, "as of 2011," you will kill sales when you are a few years along. I know, it's insane as a Brilliancy IS a brilliancy, but when things are time date stamped, you lose with the buying public. I may change the title however of Gossip's book to be something MORE commercial, and perhaps, enchanting. Maybe "Half-Baked Chess, A Grandmaster Comments." I like puns and those who know how to "reach" would get it. Does that get me into trouble? Hmmm... Don't know. In chess there is no shortage of people who have a limited sense of humor. For a study on "sense of humor," watch Steve martin's movie, My Blue Heaven.

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PS: Oh yeah, lots of reviews coming up as well as Chess EXTRAS #5--a very colorful issue.

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  1. Hi Bob,

    I am glad your vision is returning to normal. I am having a cataract surgery myself on my left eye. Right eye got done last year.

    Best regards,