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These days it seems like there are Mr. X's on Blogs and Information Marketing Sites everywhere. Well, the Mr. X I am going to mention was in the 1890s and Thinkers' Press, inc. is doing a book on his personal, pencilled in written notes, to George Gossip's Modern Chess Brilliancies.

Yes, there are brilliant games in the book but Mr. X didn't think all of them were good choices. He was particularly unhappy about Gossip including some of his own!

My good friend, the late Ken Whyld, was on the verge of giving Gossip a break, if only a little one. George was what the Brits would call a "wanker." Americans might use the words, "overpuffed dipshit." No matter the crowd, George was like the guy in the middle, standing on a step-ladder saying, in effect, "Look at me." While various rating systems would have him ranked 60 or some other number today, in the world, one could argue, hysterically at any rate, that perhaps there were only 60 players in the world at that time.

Some people love old "Let George do it George" but if you look at his track record, the guy had a habit of finishing in last place and bitching and moaning about everyone else. He kept moving around to places like Australia, America, and Canada from his original England. He seemed universally disliked wherever he went. This takes some doing!

Our Mr. X, whose name will be revealed in the latest issue of Lasker & His Contemporaries #6, had no truck with this guy and his pencilled notes are all over this book. He put his name IN the book but my buyer wanted PROOF it was him. I explained the "secrets" in the notes and he too became convinced that the owner, with signature, WAS the owner and paid handsomely for it!

This book will be issued this fall in an algebraic notation, and possibly in hardcover. It won't be cheap trash or a toilet paper type book like so many from various reprint houses, it will have suggestions, complaints, and inside information as only Mr. X could provide. It will probably be less than 150 pages and run about $45. It will be part of my Thinkers' Press Historical Chess Series.

The entertainment value here at TPi keeps getting ratcheted up. I don't see the point of advertising it on, they've done nothing for me except discount my stuff (except with my new book, The Critical Secret for Success at Chess and anything else, which is listed at $99 and NO discount!) Since YOU are reading this here, right now, you needn't be worried, you know where you can get it. I believe scarcity IS a form of marketing. Whenever some chess marketer says in effect, "We have every book in print," that would be, "No, I'm sorry, you don't."

Lastly, I have in front of me a review of my above mentioned book and the review is quite favorable. And the review AND tips run 7 pages! It will be part of my FIRST newsletter for Critical Secret which goes ONLY to those who own the book, in effect stating, the book was definitely worth what they paid for it. Who is the Reviewer? None other than GM and former two-time US Champion Alex Yermolinsky!!

I have a special 2011 ONE-TIME offer for Critical, at $79.95 to be withdrawn at any time (and most of you know I mean this when I say it). I will include the shipping too to any country the US Postal System ships to. You will get the book and Newsletter #1 with Yermos fantastic notes.

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