Friday, March 4, 2011


Miyoko Watei finally wins in the estate dispute as the Icelandic courts saw documents proving Fischer really did marry her.

But that is not MY news today. Now that it appears over I can reveal that Mrs. Fischer, as Watei, was a customer of ours (Chessco) for many years. She was the head of the Japanese Chess Association. She paid her bills in advance, and she ordered hundreds of dollars worth of books, sometimes much more in her orders to us. At the time I had no way of knowing she had any connection with Fischer, but I wonder if some of the books she did order found a way to get into his hands to read! Only she knows.

I was rummaging through "Gold in Them Thar Hills" boxes the other day looking for something and I came across one of our invoices to her! Why would I have saved that since I had thrown so many out? Don't know. I know Rita also sold our goods to TV stars during those times. I have sold to rich collectors too before some of them became snobs (not to me, but to others). I've sold stuff, and lots of it, to those preparing for a world championship match.

Now, at the "point" of starting anew, I will have to refresh my company and set the chess world on fire in other ways.

Over the years I have seen almost every kind of chess t-shirt there has been from those who specialized in them to commemorative chess events.

Chessco was fairly successful at this, especially with the "Collector" in 2002 at the Chess Festival. A nice piece of work by Bill Hannan. At the recent Last Chess Clinic, the t-shirt with the X-ray of the King caught in the rib cage sold out and I didn't get one for myself. They have always been great pieces of advertising. I've had attractive women see them and offer a big friendly smile. Well... you might've guessed it, I have another idea for t-shirts, one which I have never seen before (thank God). It will be made, should I do it, in the most popular sizes, L, XL, and XXL or maybe just the first two. But I can't reveal it yet. If I hear from enough size M, I could consider that.

Funny thing, as I said, I've seen LOTS of chess t-shirts and most of them were pretty bad; designed by a blind monk with no imagination. What was worse were the words often inscribed on them. About 20% of them tried to put the word "mate" in there somewhere so as to "look" cool in our "anything goes" on a t-shirt culture.

But nope, these will have class. Tell ya more later.

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