Tuesday, March 29, 2011


"envious" of the planning, the chess celebrities, and the events that happened at last year's London Chess Classic.

Take a look at today's link: http://www.chessbase.com/newsdetail.asp?newsid=7112

It seemed to me to be a very splendid affair. In a way, I feel I can take some credit for that, so I should be happy. There were grandmasters, news people, entertainment, a big spread for eating, chess play, commentary, and it looks to me, a lot of smiling faces.

One of the organizers and directors was IM Malcolm Pein. For anyone who was at our Chess Festival III in 2002 at Jumer's, The Castle Lodge, Malcolm was one of my invited guests. He was having the time of his life he told me. Said he had been to events everywhere, "Yours was the best!" he offered. Maybe he wasn't exaggerating.

We had GM Jonathan Rowson, IM John Donaldson, Prof. Raymond Smullyan, IM Pein (who lectured humorously on Kasparov's loss to Deep Blue and other political agendas) and Michael Fisher, I had more people show up at that huge affair than any other I have done--54 PAID. I think Pein had a really good time and it looks like he is modeling his Chess Classics after it and tossing in some extras (which events in London can afford to do with the right sponsors). My company, Thinkers' Press, paid for all of ours.

At the moment I am planning a smaller event in Southern Minnesota and should have some more news tomorrow about where. I will be sending out invitations to you who read this Blog, regular customers, and good friends. GM Alex Yermolinsky has already accepted my invitation. You'll find out more later. Looks to be July 29-30.

If you are interested you can contact me right away. Part of the "problem," if one wants to call it that, is to find a place big enough for 20 people, and affordable (I realize this word means different things to different people). Hopefully, tune in tomorrow for the latest info.

Contact me: bob@thinkerspressinc.com

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