Wednesday, January 19, 2011


We have 49 registered Blog readers of "the chess museum." More than that read it, but 49 are registered. Who wants to become #50?

A little while back I issued my 90,000th invoice since I began keeping track of invoices with computer software. I've done a pile of these in the last few years by myself and all those while I was in Georgia selling used merch or things like The Chess Reports. Today invoices were issued for those who have signed up for the Purdy Chess Chronicles. I just forgot about the 90,000 and I wanted to have a prize for that 90,000 invoice so now I will have to get excited when I get near 100,000. Apple has had 10 Billion app. downloads so I am way off from that.

Think about it, it's a lot of paper and ink.

Will tell you this week, possibly, more about the Purdy Chess Chronicles. Lots of stuff going on here. Tomorrow night I am supposed to get a status report on the new web site. I am anxious to tell you the name but can't until I see it is working. Patsy D'eRamo has already volunteered to be a beta tester. Anyone else?

Because of dental and medical appointments I am running around like a whirling dervish trying to finish up this week's Chess Reports. I don't hear much from the readers about the annotated games but believe me, there is real meat in those games or I reject them. If you can't understand "New in Chess" magazine, and many have told me they can't, then the Chess Reports should be on your list of "must buy." Issue #121 will be out this Friday and one feature is the games with the black pieces by Dragolub Velimirovic. Unfortunately I do not have a photo for him that is free use. You will learn a lot about assaults with pawns, tackling bizarre white openings against the Sicilian and much more. While there are twelve such annotated games, 6 will be in this issue and the remaining 6 will be in #122.

There is also an article on Chess Terrorism where Karpov pounds some guy into walking funny. An a big overview of ChessBase 11... which unfortunately isn't the most flattering thing in the world.

Stay tuned.... like a ukelele.

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