Sunday, January 30, 2011


Sometimes the last day of a sale or special deal is the busiest as we count our dollar bills to see if we can afford something. The problem usually is, something we want is often gone.

The special DVD sale which ends tomorrow, half are gone and unfortunately some had to be denied... but give it a try anyway since I seldom broadcast what is gone. I have others at their regular price which seems to attract little attention.

The Chess Stars books have their last sale day tomorrow before everything goes back to "abnormal."

And, the $10 savings for Andrew Martin's Center Counter Rising ends after tomorrow too. $29.95 + shipping for one more day.

A thought that nags me constantly is having special prices set up for G&L CHESS. I should just sell at retail as others nearly do, and have that occasional Big Sale which brings everyone else out. When one already has sale prices people wait until I have a sale on the sale! Insane. The profit margin on books is totally pathetic. I'll never make a living from that and so that's why I am introducing my own products. Soon, many of mine will go up on my web site. I saw it yesterday and it has a ways to go, a long way... unfortunately, but it will happen. I've been getting favorable publicity here and there. Why? My guess is that people are unhappy with who they have been dealing with. For one thing, I'm sure many of you know, there are a lot of clueless people out there in the chess business. Don't know the difference between chess and shoe polish.

Hope to change all that in spades. Remember the IDES of January 31... whatever that means.

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