Thursday, January 20, 2011


George Eichhorn stepped forward, jumped through the Google hoops, and became the 50th registered person on this Blog. Thanks George. How come no picture George? You're handsome, anyone knows that.

Was supposed to meet with Web master tonight, been held over until 11 a.m. Saturday, so I won't be able to report on the "great stuff" he says I will see.

Received part of a review of my book which was published last October called The Critical Secret for Success, at CHESS and Anything Else. It was supposed to be listed on Amazon this year but my printer screwed that up. They claim they have now submitted the report to Amazon and others. The price is $99.00 or you can get it postpaid from me for $79.95. I may put the review by Grandmaster X (name revealed when I see the whole review) as a foreword to the book. The grandmaster even told me he learned a few things he CAN use.

One of my points in writing that book was to show others that if you HAVE a good idea, actually a strong idea, and a competent reviewer (ChessCafe does not have competent reviewers and hasn't had) you can make waves and get others to notice. Too much in chess is "me too" adulation. Strong performers have strong thoughts. Weak performers have "no thoughts," just repeated rambling.

When the Web Site is up, I will post the review on that site, which still remains unnamed until it is tested. Jana Sterling has also agreed to help beta test. Anyone else?

Back to tomorrow's Chess Reports. Still $69.95 for 10 issues of Semester 10.

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