Tuesday, January 25, 2011


There will be a 2-3 issue appearance of material on how to study a new defense--in this case, the Slav. It will start in next Friday's edition (not this Friday) of The Chess Reports, #122. It's unfortunately true, just like anything else, chess players can fall into deep ruts, and soon nothing new is learned. And results stagnate.

A friend of mine beat a player rated 500 points above him a couple weeks ago. And he won two other games. If he wins tonight he will win the tournament he is in. I'm pulling for him. The other tournament, the club championship, except for one person, is having mixed results. Plus a number of unplayed but to be rescheduled games. Does this favor someone? It sure doesn't favor the guy who is willing to show up at the right time. I think it is a matter of directors being unable to say NO coupled with not wanting to disappoint anyone for they might quit coming. It's always about stuff like that, not about doing the right thing, following the rules so that EVERYONE is treated equally (strong and weak). Back in the early 90s when I was playing we didn't have equivocation and had huge turnouts simply because EVERYONE (again) knew what to expect. If Mr. Bigshot showed up 20 minutes late he had lost 20 minutes on his clock because the rounds started on time. Why should others suffer for the sins of those who don't care or respect their opponent?



  1. By the way... he won tonight! Went 4-0.
    His opponent went down in !! Very hard to believe, but we think he prepared for some other opening my bud is known to "lways" play and he was flummoxed.

    The guy rated over 2000 that he beat a few weeks ago, His opponent didn't show. I can't stand that kind of uncivility.

  2. What has become of us? Sad, really sad.