Monday, January 24, 2011


I have forgotten how people can become a subscriber to this Blog. When one wants to leave a "comment" it asks for your type of account. For example, a Google Account (probably email, that is, gmail).

I've come to the conclusion that Google doesn't make it easy in order to keep away the fraudsters, hackers, and just in general people who have nothing else to do except to try to be cute, clever, and just plain annoying. Apparently these guys aren't successful on their own (??) attracting an audience, so they spoil the party by putting Exlax in the chocolate chip cookies. It was juvenile even in High School. Actually, worse than Juvenile.

So if someone could leave a comment as to "how easy it is" to subscribe for my friend James, I am sure he would greatly appreciate it.

When my Blog is ready for prime time on my own web site, I figure all you will need is just to access my web site. I like that idea. Seeing Cody tonight (I hope) for more details.

Thanks for checking in--no other words of wisdom to pass on today EXCEPT I am working hard on another private index for creating future Purdy Chess Chronicles. Already I have over 100 entries. Lots of good stuff to come for quite a while.


  1. I am a bit confused by what you mean by subscribe.

    Are you asking how to send a reply? That's pretty easy, you have to use one of the several login options available such as one's gmail "google" account id or use you AOL instant messenger id.

    Or if you are talking about RSS, you will need a RSS reader such as Outlook, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc. Here you just feed it the webpage for this blog and it will keep track of new articles.

    So I don't know if I answered your question. I hope I did.

  2. That's helpful Laz. I guess connecting and responding are two different things. People do read without becoming "followers." That's probably my point--how does one do that?