Thursday, January 13, 2011


Am I an ingrate to Google's Blogger?

Probably, but I am not that grateful. Why?

CONTROL is the main reason. At least one third of the time Google requires ME to relog in to make sure I am accessing my own account, and then add my password. What a waste of time. Maybe Google should determine which Blogs are likely to be hacked first as an ongoing project. I think I read somewhere that there are several hundred thousand bloggers out there. Good enough reason to make me believe that I shouldn't be doing this! The amount of useless looking in the mirror must be astounding!

Although it says I have 48 "followers", It is actually a few less because accidentally I got MY picture on there one or two times while trying to figure this thing out. Then there are friendly people who tell me they read the blog on their phone or computer but do not "subscribe" because it's time consuming, etc. Well, maybe they are right! Why not just your name and email address?

My guess is that because of the number of losers that exist in the cybersphere, they (Google) need to control against really offensive comments, spam, and porn. When I lived in Georgia and looked at the Georgia Chess website, it was flooded with pornography because whoever handled their web site (anyone?) didn't care. If one did that kind of stuff in Arabic countries or China they would probably have their hand and/or head cut off. I'm for that. Teach your kids to not do that stuff and hopefully they will be safe otherwise, you'll have to grow some more (kids). If they are "adults" doing this, they are still behaving like widdle kids.

Issue #1 is done. It will take another day for proofing and cleanup, design changes and another day (no joke) to come up with a reasonable logo and/or masthead.

Originally a lot of people were interested in this concept of publishing unpublished Purdy stuff (the good stuff). I hope you still are because the Table of Contents and its 40 pages are a big WOW. 16 MORE pages than originally guaranteed PLUS a 4-5 page BONUS index. As you can tell, this took a lot of energy and time.

Hope you are still excited when I send you the promotional flyers.


  1. For my purposes Blogger works fine, but then I’m not a professional and don’t sell anything. It’s mostly for my own amusement, but can you believe it? About a year ago, after about 6 months and 600-700 hits, somebody actually hacked it and when you viewed the Blog you were taken to pay per click shopping sites! Really! How much money did this hacker expect to make off a site with 100 hits per month?! Unfortunately because it’s free there was no support and nothing I could do about it so I had to delete the Blog and start over. Got what I paid for, I guess.

  2. Good comment.
    Hackers are ultimate on my "despise" list. I know they think they are clever but are they? No.... they cant come up with anything on their own except destruction and making "perverted" $$$ for someone else. I can't imagine ANYONE going to these pay per click shopping sites... and WHO would trust them anyway?