Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The brochure for Purdy's Chess Chronicles is almost ready. The prizes for several lucky subscribers are set up, and the magazine itself was ready this morning. So everything should be ready by tonight.

Then I will be taking subscriptions at $69.95. PayPal or credit card (not American Express). Just call me at 563-271-6657 to give me your credit card details or send $69.95 to me at: bob@thinkerspressinc.com for PayPal payment. It really is that simple. Or if you have an account with me, just tell me to charge your card and send it to you. That's a no brainer.

Then a mailing later this week to customers who have been with me since 2009.

Tomorrow, I finish up undone work for The Chess Reports with a novel Introduction of an Opening I am going to teach, and which I have NEVER played. This is how an old dog learns new tricks, by teaching the other pooches. I am not mentioning the opening (actually, a defense) here because I don't need the GROAN of "Oh, how dull... I've never wanted to play that! {precisely what your opponents thing too until you grind them into sawdust)." Almost every opening is playable and this is against the 1.d4 opening.

Subscribe today, $69.95 for 10 magnificent issues + CD (a secret for now).

Apple inc. lost about 7% share value today because moron investors (would that be California??) were looking for an excuse to sell (Steve Jobs medical leave). Yet, by the end of the day, they had made up 50% of their losses. You can't keep something good down. Invariably what happens is those with money move in and buy the cheaper stock that they wouldn't have been able to buy any other way. But one of things which Apple is absolutely FAMOUS for is their "secrets" which irritate the hell out of stock analysts. But I mean, why does ANYONE owe them anything? Good product comes out, skyrocket city. So "secrets" can attract people and I plan to do more of that.


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