Saturday, January 15, 2011


I have completed issue #1 of Purdy's Chess Chronicles. There are no FREE sample copies... sorry.

I had so much fun working on this project I couldn't stand it (hence, one reason I missed yesterday's blog!)

Instead of the original planned and guaranteed 24 letter size pages, it is 40 pages, letter-sized! For those who subscribe before the end of February, 2011, or the next issue, whichever comes last (!), you will also get a free 5-page BONUS of an Index of all the games Prof. Ralph J. Tykodi edited for publication by TPi, over a 15 year period. That sucker took days to prepare.

Today or Monday I will be sending out a promo piece to ALL those who have purchased any chess stuff from me from 2009-2010. The promo piece will go via the US mail. If you haven't "bellied up to the bar" during that time (darn) you can get a copy of this Promotional Push for this new newsletter--sent to you in the mail (if you are in the US) IF you provide a physical address to you via email to me.

Why am I doing it this way, this time?
a) Physical mail gets opened more often, and read, than email does--which is often put off, forgotten, and never dealt with;
b) It's nice to get something via the post office that you can read anywhere. Most of us like mail that isn't from an insurance company, a credit card company, or some fitness club.

It will probably run 3-4 pages because, it will take that long to tell the story of what's in it, and the reason for publishing it (which is extremely useful to you by the way).

A BONUS "One other thing: giveaway!

The envelope that I will be mailing this out in says ""Special Offers For the First 100 to Answer!"
I want to surprise you with an almost unique chess gift so I am not going to tell you in advance what it is. But it is nice, and you probably haven't seen it anywhere else, and it was given to me by the publisher, a month ago. It's NOT a book. Probably worth $25 if you can find one.
Here's the bit, I will send those who drop me their physical address (and who haven't bought anything from me for the past 2 years) a Special Offer, mailed to that address. IF at least 100 readers, curious, etc. respond, I will have a drawing for this cool item (which will eventually be announced and depicted on here).

Other Prizes?

Yes. Second and Third "place" drawings of a different, but valuable, and NEW gift. Your chances of getting another gift are much better than throwing money away on a money losing lottery chance. I know a lot of people read this Blog because I have heard from you. But if I don't have your address and name to mail this brochure to, how can you win any of these Premiums (some call them Freemiums?)

What if you are Outside the USA?

It's more expensive for me and a bigger drain on my time and energy resources (customs, etc.), but if you are willing to go to the trouble, then I am too. Just email me your physical address (along with your name of course) and I will mail you a copy of the 4 page brochure).

The Big Prize has been kept sealed until I could think of some entertaining way to give it away.

If you want to subscribe, right away, the cost is $69.95. Four issues. I take Visa, MC, and Discover as well as PayPal (PayPal is easy, just use the SEND MONEY part of your account to offer me $69.95 at "" (without the quote marks).) They (PayPal) will tell me you paid and I will download issue #1 (and subsequent issues (there will be 4 all together)) to your email account. Print it out and read.

Thanks to Jim Perry for an advance reading of the contents to help minimize any potential boo-boos. If you want to pay by Credit Card send me an email and we can work out how to send me your CC info. Jim is already a subscriber. One reason he subscribed was simply, Purdy was a fantastic chess writer. Here is what Jim wrote to me:

"I liked the first volume very much, especially the article on annotating. Current authors could learn from it. I liked the historical pieces as well, they gave me the sense of being there and watching the events unfold.

"I am looking forward to the rest of this year's issues as well as future years."

The amount of material is massive as Purdy really fell head over heels about Alekhine and his play, the Euwe-Alekhine match, and so much more including what other commentators had to say. His friend GM Lajos Steiner said that in no way was Australia chess backward except in experience as they kept up with the latest theory, books, journals, and had some great players. So you know this WILL be a BLAST from the past including articles on opening theory, strategy, and the Endgame.

email me at:

If you subscribe to at least one of the offers I will send you, you will be put into the drawing. The offers will be:
a. The Chess Reports (semester 10)
b. Chess EXTRAS
c. The Purdy Chronicles.
d. The Critical Secret for Success at Chess or Anything else.

Four to choose from. 2011 is my GOAL YEAR for putting Thinkers' Press, inc. back on the map!

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