Friday, January 28, 2011


I have picked two GMs to headline the event at the Las Vegas Chess Book Camp 2011. #1 has agreed pending working out details with #2 (a good and honorable friend). This is Grandmaster Alexander Shabalov a US Champion.

I need to clarify some details about the hotel and so forth too. I've calculated that I need to sell a minimum of 45 tickets to break even for my costs. But, as ticket sales go up, so does the cost, but fortunately a lot less than the first 45.

Also, the hotel rates for my event are $42 (+ applicable taxes) at South Point Casino. The price is $55 for the National Open. I won't comment on this at the moment until I get more facts, but many events make money from the sale of rooms. I think I did that once, in 2002 for the very expensive Chess Festival which was a rousing success at the Lodge. I made a few dollars for each one attending, not enough to cover the cost of the rooms for the celebs but it helped.

I am sure we will have a coded account for you to register; need a few more days.

Significant progress is being made on my chess web site. In fact I am working on some data conversion on the other side of writing this Blog.

Just keeping you up to date.

As to Shabalov, if you've never met him, he's a great guy! Met him in Denver years ago. Thanks to Andy Rea for getting his email address to me. I am trying to get Andy there too because as a raconteur, he's "right up there."

June 6-8th, week of the National Open.


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