Saturday, January 22, 2011


It's come to my attention that a grandmaster has been criticizing covers of chess books produced by Thinkers' Press.

I haven't seen the article yet, when I do then I will tell you about it. I hope he gave the correct name of my company and address about where to buy this disreputable merchandise. Any kind of publicity is expensive so maybe people will disregard these comments from someone who has NO stake in my company.

This guy, if this is true, must have a lot of time on his hands. Right? Here I am a one man publishing show and this guy picks on MY books. He doesn't even know me so does this make him feel safe? I know who he is but not why he is doing this. This is just another example of moronicity run amok. Who knows if somewhere down the road he wanted to meet me, or do business with me on some project or another party trying to put us together. Short sighted, Businesswise, seriously dumb. I've said it many times, there are strong chess players out there who know don't know jack about business, any kind of business. And for some reason they criticize the work of others. Better check that plank in your own eye bud before you start looking for the splinter in mine.


  1. It must be satisfying that your work reaches and is read by such a wide audience!

  2. The column (actually a post by ejh) only complains about the art (which I think is actually quite nice). In the comments some say that they like the covers.

    Keep us abreast if sales go up due this artistic difference. --laz


    Relax. It's a series and you're in good company, e.g. NIC. - Mark