Monday, January 10, 2011


Joseph Henry Blackburne was a killer, a chess killer. Estimated to have played in excess of 50,000 simultaneous games in his life, and a lover of whiskey, Ole' Joe was, to bluntly put it, over the board an ardent ass kicker. One of England's All Time Best too.

He had his traps, his setups, and his way of "gruelerizing" his opponents. As I came across many of his early games and simul games I noticed a tendency to chess violence. And sometimes in real life I guess he could behave like a drunk because, he probably was. His whiskey bottle was ON the table where the simuls were happening.

Yet, he could play some of the greatest traps and 4-5-6 movers. He also beat many very good regular players too. This book has several caricatures by Rob Long, my son including the fabulous front cover where Joe is running through a British pub brandishing a broken bottle of booze.

So how do you get one?:
1. Between the months of January and February, if you have a purchased a total of $200 or more of merchandise from me during those 60 or fewer days, you get one FREE and I will even pay the shipping. An $11.95 value. Blackburne the Black Death.
2. In the months of Nov-Dec. I gave away a lot of Lasker The Ultimate Streetfighter. A $12.95 value. Even sold a few through Amazon and my own customers, but only after December. And naturally you will get ONE of these title types if you come to any of my TPi sponsored events.

Every two months a new title will be released. For March-April it will be Alekhine. This promotion will run for two years.

The average publication will run around 40 pages, and have about 35-40 games in it, many not very well known but still typical of their type of chess game. Alekhine's will be called The Executioner.

Just another way of our keeping in touch with you. I want to offer you things you can't get anywhere else because I work harder for you.

Keep track of your receipts and let me know when you are over $200. It may happen in the first of the two months. Only good for books and DVDs and/or TPi events such as the upcoming Chess Book Camp®.

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