Saturday, January 8, 2011


A C.J.S. Purdy pseudonym for his alter-ego who would rave on about what a pain in the butt his editor was (who was also Purdy).
In the first issue of Purdy's Chess Chronicles I feature one of his stories called "Plugged at Polwhistle." It's about a woodshifter who gets his (and wouldn't we all like to see some of that happen now and then?). It runs several pages. Under "humor."

Been working hard at it, 4 issues per year. Already have 24 pages done. Promising at least 6 more. $80 for four issues later or $69.95 if you send in a subscription request right now.

PS: Oh yes, rare pictures of Purdy, caricatures, etc. Shades of "Where's Waldo?"

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