Friday, May 7, 2010


Today I will be gone for a while but people can still email me.

Another draw, Anand performing some Houdini-like work in escaping from a position that didn't look too fun the way I saw it. Getting down to crunch time isn't it?

I've become a fan of the mysterious and inscrutable Catalan, so I got more copies in stock of:
play the Catalan (Sam, I'll send you one tomorrow);

Also in the heavy box:
starting out: Open Games (when I was younger there was nothing more fun to play than open Games). By Flear.
The Complete Chess Workout finally showed after I ordered it three times! These 1200 puzzles are in a book of 318 pages and is very comfortably laid out (thank God!), (BTW, I have an idea for such a DVD which no one I have seen or heard has ever thought of and I think it would get more people to work on these!)

Some other books showed in more quantities than I ordered because when I asked if I had anything on back order and was told "no" I ordered a couple books I really wanted. You guessed it, they shipped what I really did have on back order and my revised order, all in the same box! This company and the folks who handle chess books for me are truly one of a kind and I hope they stay that way!

Also here are:
Chess Duels by Seirawan, one of the most engaging chess books I have read in a long time. More info will be on it in The Chess Reports.
And, Play like the PROs by Gormally.
These last two I am completely over stocked, so if you buy them together, I will drop the shipping charges. G&L CHESS price for the two is: $52.50. I'll drop that price to $50.00 and give you FREE shipping.

For you Gold Card holders I will ship both for $45.00 and give you FREE shipping. This is not an unlimited offer. After I reduce the number by, say, 5 sets, then I will go back to the regular pricing.

Am taking the afternoon off--something I rarely do.... but in the past day I have been working on the graphic designs for Busy Man's Chess Openings, Black Shockers, and White Shockers for the TPi DVDs by Andrew Martin. By next week I should have some pretty stuff for you though I have to finish the editing on the White Shockers.

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