Monday, May 3, 2010


I have an amazing Receiving Arena. I check once or twice a day for packages, back orders, the mail, etc.

I had just written my post (you know by now that I don't write them in advance like some Bloggers do) about endgames (see previous, another post for this day) when a package arrived with CHESS DUELS My Games with the World Champions. It is in hardcover and with a dustjacket and carries a retail tag of $35, quite reasonable.

Great contents. Starts out with his beginnings before chess, then a whole chapter on Fischer (with lots to tell), and then the world champions he encountered or played. No photos unfortunately. 427 pages. A readfest of background, stories, and "what happeneds?" AND games.

The Gilbert & Lange (G&L) price is $29.75--that's the discount price everyone gets. If you have a Gold Card, the price is reduced even further to $26.25.

I'll review the book later in The Chess Reports or Chess EXTRAS, but I'll make an offer now: buy this new Seirawan book, and one of the endgame books mentioned in the previous Blog, and I will ship FREE to you who live in the USA! Offer good through this weekend or supplies are gone, which ever happens first.

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  1. I ordered two copies of CHESS DUALS from Bob. Hope to write a review which should appear on the NORTHWEST CHESS website

    PS I use to work for Yasser at International Chess Enterprises.

    Russell Miller Camas WA