Friday, May 21, 2010


Progress. I am hoping that I will be able to print with no problems on the new publishing system now that the burned discs are coming out. And of course it's necessary to test samples to make sure they are okay, as even the master is tested.

I have artwork and stuff done for Black Shockers but the system isn't always cooperating so Friday eve. will be spent working on that, Gradually, it's coming together but I will say, software/hardware manuals haven't gotten better, and perhaps they are worse!

I planned on having a huge number of DVD reviews ready for the next The Chess Reports (#106) but that won't happen as the machine I was going to do them on has been hogged by the duplicator. However, to take its place is something you will also like, I believe… "What kind of player are you?" It's kind of a spin off of Lars Bo Hansen's Foundations of Chess Strategy and I will give him 95% of the credit and also hope to reward him with increased sales because taking what he wrote and turning it into something personal will give you clues as to how you are faring and perhaps show you whether or not you are the player you think you are!? And if that isn't enough, the lessons are definitely icing on the cake.

Back to duping more discs and hopefully get them printed and unto the hands of those who will learn a lot if given a little time.

Got a story about attending a chess festival or clinic I can use? Let me know.

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