Friday, May 28, 2010


It's late afternoon and I am still working on my DVD Experience Salesheet, or, how to get some really great stuff for cheap. I don't prefer that road to be honest. But I had someone change big order numbers on me and I got stuck with a lot of "silver" DVDs (no printing on them). So I am selling them at greaaaat price reductions... will email out the details, and then maybe take a nap. This writing has been going on all day.

I think, to promote a really good story, along with beneficial results for everyone, takes time and thought. Maybe you will prove me right. I hope to get the new PDF out within the next couple hours.

Thanks for tuning in... Don't forget the Endgame sale which ceases at midnight tomorrow.

PS: New in Chess has just published a number of chess books for kids which I do not intend to stock. I hope they do well. For me, they are hard to market. From everything I have seen in the past from publishers for the younger set, it seems to me that when I was that age, I probably wouldn't have appreciated it much. But that could just be me. Are books such as this not sophisticated enough or just plain dumbed down. Maybe you can tell me.

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