Tuesday, May 4, 2010


So far three people have mentioned they didn't get my emailed catalog which I sent out last Thursday. They saw it mentioned on this blog that indeed I had sent it out. If you were one of those, please contact me--perhaps it's an overreactive spam filter (they cause me more problems than the help me with). I will send one out right away.

A customer is looking for Bobby Fischer's book... I was Tortured in the Pasadena Jailhouse. If you have one you want to sell, please let me know and the amount you are asking and I will pass on to my customer.

CHESS CLINIC 6. This week I intend to ask various places about the venue to hold this and will report here what I have found. A few folks are referring to this as the Chess Festival, which it is not. It's a fun clinic, a workshop for chess aficionadoes. More details to come.

Nothing else today, I have a lot to finish. Thanks. I will be checking in on the Anand-Topalov match. Who are you rooting for?



  1. I am rooting for Analov or maybe Topand. It is hard to decide, really!

  2. I could not believe Anand's blunder on move 54 (sometimes he plays too quickly). I quit watching the game on move 51...Kg6 an obvious draw, but then he blundered after I left.

    Bob, you are right the endgames are very important! In Taylor's book 'True Combat Chess' about his own games, he lament's about today's time controls that have turned endgames into a blunder fest even among GMs (although in Anand's case he had hours left on his clock). And the readers here already what my feelings are on the "non-classic" time controls.

    Having to deal with endgames with today's clock you need to know them and not have analyze them OTB; tick, tock...

  3. Google "I was Tortured in the Pasadena Jailhouse" and you will find the text I believe.

    Russell Miller Camas WA