Wednesday, May 19, 2010


So goes a ZZ Top song.

I have had a new DVD duplicator for several weeks and so far it hasn't produced jack (or jill). I won't go into all the details or excuses, but I do intend to print some Wednesday or Thursday should everything go right. White skin ink jet top on dual layer jobbies. Not as fantastic as I had it originally but the darn thing was going through ink like crap through a goose and these puppy cartridges cost $50 each (if one well runs out, it's over!)

Tonight I am going to work on next week's TCR (The Chess Reports)... at least part of it, so this "museum piece" will be my Wednesday filing. It will have many meaningful "letters," DVD reviews, and the Diary of an A Player at last week's tournament. Sounds easy doesn't it? Don't try it at home, maybe a park bench with a bottle of hootch. I think you will like the selection this time, something a little different and all of it a very interesting read!

I'm still trying to figure out why those who I do not know are constantly requesting catalogs and I never hear from them again. I need a real grabber don't I? How about, "How to Become A Chess Grandmaster with no $$$ down and you only pay after you have become one!" Think that would do it? Not if it cost anything. I knew a fellow who turned down a board to play Fischer in a simul in the mid 60s because it was $5. He later said he regretted not paying. I asked him if Fischer were around (this was in the 90s) and wanted $200 for a simul seat would be pay now?" He started mulling. I said to him, "I thought so." He smiled. He got it. He was cheap. Nothing was EVER going to be the right price for him.

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