Monday, May 10, 2010


I hope the "vacation" has been as good for you as it was for me, but soon we will both be back to business with The Chess Reports.

In the meantime I have learned how to operate a DVD publisher and printing machine for the DVDs which Thinkers' Press has released from Andrew Martin. More on that and what is available will be published in issue #105.

I am priming the pump again to bring in new readers/subscribers and gently jog the memory of those who have forgotten. It is amazing to me that my core subscribers keep coming back for more and, it invigorates myself at the same time.

Throughout the day or the week I casually come across things which tease my brain and I hope tease yours (about chess—mowing the lawn doesn't count). There is still a promotion going on. Originally it was intended to end with the beginning of the first issue, but I have decided to let it run through May 29th to simplify the "bookwork" at this end. Here's the deal:

You can subscribe to the Gold Standard version for only $29.95 (less expensive than the Motley Fool or hundreds of other publications out there) or the Platinum Edition for $59.95 (or $49.95 if you possess a Gold Card). I was surprised (really) that all the subscriptions which have come in so far are for the more expensive Platinum Edition. Of course you get "more" with that edition and maybe that's what people really want! (Perhaps you too!)

Concession: I've decided to do one thing to perk up subscriptions and buying from my new company, G&L CHESS, but it will only run through May 29th, 2010. I am reinstituting the Gold Card 2010 for $50 for several more weeks. I thought it was clear about the purpose of the Gold Card (bigger discounts on purchases, special events, and special sales) but some thought it was like a gift card!? Nope. The Gold Card is like a Barnes and Noble book card ($25) which gives you 10% off of retail items in their stores. Mine is twice as expensive but on books you get about 25% off the retail price (15-20 % off on DVDs). Plus, as I mentioned, it is good for things other than just books such as Chess Clinics, other subscriptions, and things I am still working on (such as White Shockers DVDs.)

Now that that is out of the way, let me explain what is in The Chess Reports:
a) Gold Standard: Articles and games; book and DVD reviews (this week it will be Learn Chess Tactics by Nunn); what's going on in the Chess Museum; Improvement Tips (a good one where Nimzovich, who never lost with 1.f4 (but once) succumbs, quickly, against Lajos Steiner, when he played the "normal" looking b3 at the wrong time!); Strategy and Tactics; chess monsters; quotes; advice; upcoming events and projects; and the endgame. Obviously not every one of those topics will be in EVERY issue since the average issue will run 8-10 pages! Still you'll get more porridge in your bowl than happened for The Three Bears. That's $29.95.

b) The Platinum Edition: Everything which is in the Gold Standard series plus: a monthly column by IM Andrew Martin (the one in issue #105 will be on the endgame); How Tos (such as using ChessBase or setting up a digital clocks--made easy!); opening revelations; the editor's thoughts; more reviews (such as Seirawan's Chess Duels this week); and some of the bestest and most fabulous letters I have seen/read in a long time. That's for $59.95, or, double the cost of the Gold Standard Edition. Save $10 if you own a Gold Card for 2010.

PLUS: If you get the fancy schmancy edition (Platinum), you can get a FREE copy of Paul Hoffman's superb book called King's Gambit. Yep, FREE but there is a catch. I give it to you free, no extra shipping costs but you have to purchase something (book or dvd) from G&L CHESS where that purchase involves paying for the shipping on that product (that way I can ship it along with your product at no additional cost (well, not much) to me except for what I paid for the book and the time spent sending out catalogs. PLUS I want to introduce more of you to G&L CHESS. Most subscribers have opted for the free book but I still have a bunch of them waiting on my shelves, looking for a cared-for home!

Hoffman's book is an easy read, all 433 pages, plus, it is informative (and it's not really about opening theory). The icing on the cake is that it is a hardcover complete with a nicely thought out dustjacket.

That's the pitch for today. One other thing, the Gold Standard edition offer ($29.95) is good through THIS weekend, May 15th ONLY. The offer for the Platinum Edition offer is good through May 29th to get the free book.

Final Moment of Thrill: The Gold Card really is a good deal and what comes extra with it is only limited by my imagination, which hopefully you won't find too weak.

Tomorrow: Anand-Topalov, and "how is it going?" Some think Topalov will have the advantage because he is White. Maybe, but Black chooses the defense and no doubt Black has some hot theory in the wings just like he did, as Black, for Kramnik. Stay tuned.

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