Thursday, May 6, 2010


... but not wanted apparently.

If you want to entertain yourself google "chess blogs."

I knew the game today was drawn and I wanted to see what people had to say. Amazing. If you've seen the movie with Richard Dreyfuss called "Let it Ride" you do what he did when betting. Find out who the favorite is, and bet on the other guy!

It seems that the stronger you are the more doubt you have about best play (esp. if you don't have a chess playing computer at hand). But the internet babies are always tossing their two cents worth in and invariably their analysis is either computer driven or "wishful thinking" driven. In any case, they would be easy betting marks.

Some are thinking that Anand missed a critical move to win. Probably, but my connection to TWIC just froze near the end of the game. Apparently the server was over-loaded or freaked out. It reminds me when I was in the typesetting business and had a $1200 Black Box modem installed, the best in the business... to take orders from customers. The damn thing never worked despite hours on the phone with tech people. Until the internet came along, I had no faith in electronic communication and apparently the broadband can behave like the old modems.

Another game tomorrow. Who are you hoping for?

By the way, just sent out a new catalog with FREE books available if you meet some minimum requirements. I re-sent the previous catalog hoping that anyone who missed it would get it this time. So there are a couple catalogs out there in the ether.

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  1. Maybe a win was missed but it was certainly exciting. Two rooks against a queen. No holding back.