Monday, May 17, 2010


In 1918 Frank Marshall unleashed what has become known as the Marshall Attack. It is all about precision. If you have a good memory, or are jammed with "logic", this is an opening you might consider knowing because it is a point maker! David Vigorito has written Understanding the Marshall Attack for Gambit. It retails for $23.95. Vigorito explains that there is an easier way to understand the Marshall... even at higher levels (where many moves are forced). Give it a try.

A few years ago British GM Aaron Summerscale produced a landmark book. It covered the Colle-Zukertort, the Barry Attack and the 150 Attack. It was landmark because no one had published this kind of stuff before in book form. (And I'll tell you why: several potential authors told me it was too much work--and I have heard that before. Since then David Rudel and Aaron Summerscale have done VERY WELL writing about these subjects!) It's called A Killer Chess Opening Repertoire and it has been released in a New Enlarged Edition AND with a co-author, Sverre Johnsen. Let me elucidate the contents: The three previously mentioned + Beating the Anti-Colle Systems, The Classical Queen's Indian, the Anti-Benoni, the Anti-Dutch, and some wild Odds & Ends.

I've decided to pick up a few more Gambit books because I've always liked them, and, they are quite good. I recommend them to anyone who wants to get better.

Chess Endings Made Simple by Ian Snape. First rate. $19.95 retail.

101 Brilliant Chess Miniatures by John Nunn. Expert chess opening advice in under 25 moves. $19.95 retail.

101 Chess Opening Traps by Steve Giddins. A little extra help in the openings' department to get those kind of games to finish off your opponents in record time. $14.95.

Two new other books are scheduled to be here this week: One by Karpov on finding the right moves and another by Andy Soltis.

These items are available now and will be in the next catalog. In fact I occasionally carry other items that aren't in the catalogs. A simple email to me will clarify whatever needs to be clarified.

Look forward to a chat. I had a fellow call me this morning to tell me how much better my service is than two well-known companies... and my prices were better too. More info to appear in The Chess Reports.

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